IoT Design Considerations: Power

Sep 9, 2015 2:37:56 PM / by Brittney Borowicz posted in 10 IoT Design Considerations, Internet of Things, IoT, PoE powered devices


There are a few considerations associated with connecting a product to the IoT. Devices already using a wall outlet will not have an issue, but manufacturers of products without wall plugs will have to think through how their power source will affect the design.

IoT devices running on batteries will have to make hardware decisions based on power conservation. There are also a variety of battery types to be taken into consideration: alkaline, lithium (rechargeable) and coin. There are also AA, AAA, coin cell, C, D, 9V, or custom batteries to choose from. As noted earlier, wireless technologies have different power requirements based on use-cases. Once a manufacturer understands how long and how often a device will be connected, the proper type of battery can be chosen.

Another power source for Ethernet-based devices is Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). This technology is popular for low-wattage IP phones and security cameras. Recent advancements and new switching technology is pushing the wattage available through PoE to new levels. This has opened up various possibilities for power-hungry applications and devices.

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The Power of Ethernet

Jun 1, 2015 8:37:08 AM / by Brittney Borowicz posted in adapters, bridge antennas, bridges, building automation, Ethernet, fiber ports, General, gigabit switches, Industrial, industrial ethernet adapter, managed switches, medical, PoE, PoE powered devices, PoE splitters, PoE switches, Power-over-Ethernet, Products, Switches, unmanaged switches, WiFi bridges, Wi-Fi bridges


is one of the primary standards for connecting all types of devices found in industrial, medical, building automation and many other applications. Grid Connect provides a wide range of Ethernet products and Industrial Ethernet adapters including a growing selection of Power over Ethernet (PoE) products.

Types of Ethernet products proudly manufactured and distributed by Grid Connect include:

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