10 Internet of Things (IoT) Design Considerations: Power and Size

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5. Power

Power considerations need to be made when connecting a product to the IoT. Products already using a wall outlet will not have an issue. Manufacturers of products not using a wall outlet will have to consider how their power source will affect their product’s design.

IoT devices running on batteries will have to make hardware decisions based on power conservation. There are also a variety of different types of batteries to be taken into consideration: alkaline, lithium (rechargeable) and coin. There are also AA, AAA, coin cell, C, D, 9V, or custom batteries to choose from. As noted earlier, wireless technologies have different power requirements based on use-cases. Once a manufacturer understands how long and how often a device will be connected and the wireless network is chosen, a properly sized and type of battery can be chosen.

Another source of power for Ethernet-based devices is Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). This technology is popular for low-wattage IP phones and security cameras. Recent advancements and new switching technology is pushing the wattage available through PoE to new levels, thus opening up new possibilities for more power-hungry applications and devices.

6. Size

Many manufacturers start testing the IoT waters by modifying their existing product designs to add networking technologies. Because these devices already exist, many early entrants into the IoT world fail to redesign the product to allow for its newly added connectivity. Fortunately, there are a number of compact modules available for networking technologies that will fit in a manufacturer’s existing products.

These small modules are different though. Some modules are surface mount, others through-hole or pin-header and some still use a specialized mating connector. Also, how the network connector or antenna connector are integrated into the product vary from module to module. Designers must consider the space they have available on their circuit boards and/or in the product’s enclosures to allow whatever technology selected to be used in existing designs.


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Ever Wanted to be a Fly on the Wall?

Sep 13, 2010 10:02:03 AM / by Rick Rockershousen posted in business, Digital Acoustics, elderly, General, Intercom, IP, IP Intercom, IP7-SE8, Products, Remote Audio Surveillance, surveillance, surveillance technology, Talkmaster Software


Small business owners, businesses with multiple retail locations/branches, and even individuals with an elderly parent living alone, can all benefit from our remote audio surveillance technology over IP!

Small business owners, who want to be able to listen in from home or other locations when trouble arises at their business, can do so using our IP Intercom/Paging Technology powered by Digital Acoustics.

Let’s say you have video surveillance of your retail franchise and want to hear when something happens. Or maybe you’d like to “yell” at troublemakers after hours that are on your car lot. Using the IP7-SE8, you can wire in a wide variety of speakers (including paging horns, ceiling speakers and wall speakers), and microphones, including very sensitive omni-directional mics, and be able to monitor and talk to your business location from any remote location with Internet access from your PC.

Using the Talkmaster Software on your PC (free with purchase of the IP7-SE8), you can communicate over the network with your business. Listen to disturbances, or simply talk to your employees and/or customers from anywhere in the world.

For multi-location businesses, you can make announcements to your employees at all locations at the same time. You can even play music and other recorded programs from your PC using the Network Music software. For locations where security is a concern, you can have a panic or help button installed by the cashier’s location, which would trigger the TalkMaster Software as an incoming call. You can then listen in and find out if any additional action needs to be taken.

For those with an elderly parent living alone, you can use a desk or surface mount intercom, which can be used to communicate in a time of need. This may be a life saving capability, allowing you to communicate with a relative who has taken a fall or is otherwise not able to answer the phone.

These flexible intercom and paging products provide extended security, surveillance, and paging applications anywhere there is an Internet connection. It’s an affordable, flexible and easy way to become a “fly on the wall.”

*Note: Use of remote audio surveillance technology is subject to local, state, and federal surveillance laws.

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