Tech In Motion Panel: IoT: More than Just a Buzzword

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When: March 25, 6:00PM
Where: TechNexus, 20 N. Wacker Drive Suite 1200, Chicago, IL

Session Title: IoT: More than Just a Buzzword

What the heck is the Internet of Things? Everyone's heard of it, but it seems like few have the ability to articulate what this buzz phrase actually means. Part of that is because the definition of IoT is so fractured. Everyone seems to have their own take on it.

For this event, we're talking to several panelists whose companies specialize in interconnected devices, whether they be for businesses, for the home, or wearables, and asking them the hard question: What is the Internet of Things to YOU? We'll also be talking about the future of this phenomenon.

Adam Justice, VP and General Manager of Grid Connect
Harold G. Clampitt, CEO and Founder of American RFID Solutions
Jason Kolb, CTO of Uptake
Mahesh Ramananjaiah, Senior Architect at HERE
Aubrey Jackson, Senior Software Engineer at HERE

Matt Krzus, Lead Data Scientist at Kaplan

About Tech In Motion:

Tech in Motion is broad by design, the goal of this group is to be interactive and allow technology enthusiasts to learn from other professionals, have questions answered in real-time, discover new tech, and hear stories that inspire. This group is a place for technology professionals who wouldn’t normally cross paths to meet, collaborate, and learn about what their peers are doing across the city. To learn more about Tech in Motion, click here!

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How Naperville-based Grid Connect fits into the Internet of Things

Dec 16, 2014 9:22:33 AM / by Brittney Borowicz posted in Adam Justice, Chicago, connected devices, connected future, ConnectSense, connectsense, Featured In, General, Grid Connect, Internet of Everything, Internet of Things, interview, IoE, IoT, Naperville, smart outlet, wireless sensors


In a nondescript Naperville office park, Adam Justice is working to bring the Internet of Things to the masses. He’s vice president of Grid Connect, a company his father Mike founded in 2003 that makes, distributes and sells commercial networking products. In 2013, Grid Connect launched ConnectSense, its first line of wireless sensors for home use to remotely monitor things, from your lights to your water pipes. As the company prepares to launch a ConnectSense smart electrical outlet, Adam Justice shares his vision for a connected future.

Read more at the Chicago Tribune or download the PDF now.

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Real Humans, Expert Support.

Jun 18, 2013 11:34:08 AM / by Adam Justice posted in Adam Justice, Chicago, General, Gorilla, Grid Connect, Mike Justice, website


As part of re-launching our website in March 2012, we worked with Gorilla here in Chicago to help come up with some new messaging to illustrate what Grid Connect is all about.   We had a lot of discussions around what set Grid Connect apart from other companies in our industry, and out of that came our new slogan of “Real Humans, Expert Support.”

It has always been important to our founder, Mike Justice, that a real person answers the phone when you call us.  We strongly believe that enabling our customers to speak directly to a real person is a cornerstone of great customer service. This seems like something that is pretty straightforward, but in the age of automated answering systems and “press 1 for sales,” we often find customers who are pleasantly surprised to talk to a live person on the other end of the phone.   Awhile back we were visiting our partners at U-Line here in Chicago and were impressed by the fact that they consistently answer the phone faster than a 9-1-1 operator.  While we are not quite there yet, we are striving to reach that goal as well.

When our customers reach out to us, we strive to provide expert support they can count on.  In our industry, there are a lot of companies who have big catalogs and offer a lot of products, but are nothing more than what we like to refer to as “box movers” and “order takers.”  These companies have a huge selection, but when it comes to answering a deep technical question or actually helping you with the product once its in your hands, we have heard too many times that the competition fails.  Grid Connect is a company with real engineers who have expert technical knowledge.  Our engineers have expertise in embedded networking, Serial, Modbus, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, and a host of other fields.  With this expertise, we are able to put customers in touch with engineers that are able to answer complicated technical questions, troubleshoot issues, help with product installation, and much more.

While the slogan of “Real Humans, Expert Support.” was goofy to us at first, the more we thought, about it the more we agreed that it really does a great job of summing up what sets us apart.  At Grid Connect, we take a lot of pride in our ability to take care of customers in every way possible.  I hope that if you pick up the phone and call us with a question, you will find exactly that on the other end of the phone—“Real Humans, Expert Support.”

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