Employee Spotlight: Budd Justice, Shipping

Oct 2, 2015 3:37:23 PM / by Brittney Borowicz

Brittney Borowicz

Budd is the lifeblood of Grid Connect. Literally. Being the father of President, Mike Justice, engineer, Steve Justice and the grandfather of Vice President, Adam Justice, he is an important part of the community here.

Grid Connect-5734After Budd retired about 17 years ago, he started working with Mike at what was then called Synergetic Micro Systems. In 2003, when Grid Connect was spit out of Lantronix, Budd was a part of the team of five that worked for six months without pay to get the company off the ground. “It was the only time in my life I was ever unemployed.” Says Budd laughing, “But after that, the company grew in leaps and bounds. When Glenn and Mike developed the NET485 our order list exploded, and it’s been growing every year since.”

Before joining the Grid Connect team, Budd worked for 30 years at a chemical company. In that time he worked multiple jobs, including field engineer, salesman and product manager. Now he manages all of Grid Connect's orders, boxing and shipping every purchase that comes in. “We only hire a certain caliber of person here,” Budd said when asked about his job, “it makes the place have a great atmosphere.”

Budd loved volleyball when he was younger, and even played on the Illinois National team for seniors until he was 65.

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Brittney Borowicz

Written by Brittney Borowicz

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