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Jul 1, 2022 8:14:00 AM / by Grid Connect Team

Grid Connect Team

A metallic and electronic addition to the Grid Connect family.


Automower 1.2


Grid Connect has a new member joining the team, but this member is not a person, it’s a machine.

The Husqvarna AutoMower 435X AWD can be seen maintaining the lawns at the Naperville offices. A high performance and multi-capable robotic lawn mower, The AutoMo

wer 435X

will keep the Grid Connect grounds looking pristine with minimal human operation required. But why did Grid decide on this particular machine? What problems does the AutoMower 435X solve, and what are its capabilities? And, perhaps most importantly, what are we going to call it?


Why the AutoMower?


Automower 3.2

The AutoMower 453X came to Grid Connect through a collaboration with Oak Grove Gardeners, in order to test the technology of this brand-new robotic mower model. 







What can it do?


No bigger than a car tire, the AutoMower 453X fits in nearly any home, and can mow a nearly one acre lawn in just 100 minutes. Safety is also paramount with lawn mowers, so the AutoMower comes with sensors designed to stop the blades when picked up or tilted. 

Automower 5

Designed for even the most demanding backyard lawn, the AutoMower 453X comes with all-wheel drive and a pivoting rear body. This allows it to manage tight corners and inclines as steep as 35 degrees. The Automower 453X also comes standard with exclusive patented technology, including GPS-assisted navigation, automatic passage handling and electric height adjustment.


The mower also comes equipped with AutoMower Intelligent Mapping (AIM) technology, allowing the device to create a virtual map of your lawn. With this, the AutoMower 453X can integrate with the user’s smartphone via the AutoMower Connect app. This lets them create custom work areas, with separate cutting heights and schedules, and even stay-out zones, protecting precious gardens and keeping the machine away from dangerous terrain. The AutoMower Connect app also allows for real-time tracking of the mower as well, and for the user to direct the AutoMower 45

3X with voice commands to their Amazon Alexa or Google Home digital assistant. 

Automower 2.2

Energy efficiency is key to the design of the AutoMower 453X. Battery powered, there’s no gas emissions or fumes usually associated with lawn mowers. Additionally, the mower comes programmed with low battery detection. It can even use that in conjunction with its AIM technology to return itself to its charging port as needed.


Above all, the AutoMower 453X is built for the long haul, with maximum durability in mind. Ultrasonic sensor technology helps the mower detect obstacles in order to avoid impacts and minimize damage. The front bumper is made of rubber as well, built to manage collisions even with rocks and trees. The AutoMower 453X also comes weather resistant, and can perform perfectly even on a rainy day. On top of all this, it comes with a code-protected anti-theft alarm, making sure it will stay where it’s supposed to.


Give the AutoMower a name!

The top 5 names suggested by our team were: 

  • Lil' Mo
  • MowBot
  • Blade Runner
  • Mowbi-Lawn Kenobi
  • G.O.A.T (GridConnect Omnipotent Automatic Trimmer)

We then took it to our loyal customers for their input and final vote. 
The winning name of our new team member is .... 


welcome to the team MowBot

Grid Connect Team

Written by Grid Connect Team

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