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Monitoring Solutions for Temporary ICU and Containment Tents

Mar 17, 2020 2:52:13 PM / by Rick Rockershousen


As the COVID-19 Pandemic is disrupting nearly all phases of daily life, hospitals and healthcare workers are on the front lines of this war. Some hospitals have begun deploying temporary facilities or containment tents to help limit the virus from spreading. The tents rely on negative air pressure to prevent the escape of the virus.

Grid Connect offers easy-to-deploy solutions for the following:

View more sensor options. 

The monitoring sensors can be wireless or hard-wired, and the controllers have embedded monitoring software. Alerts can be sent out via E-Mail, SMS and SNMP.

The intercoms offer quality voice communication over the network. PC based operator software is used to communicate with the intercom endpoints. Also, 3rd-party IP camera video feeds can be brought into the operator software for complete audio and video support for the tent.

Click here, for more information on how AKCP wireless solutions can help with COVID-19 protection. 

Contact us for assistance, our experts are here to help find the right products for your monitoring and communication needs.

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IP in your hand… Really!!

Nov 8, 2010 2:37:58 PM / by Rick Rockershousen posted in custom engineering, General, IP technology, live swap, NET232, NET232jr, network, OEM, Press Releases, Products, serial devices, serial port devices


The world’s tiniest device server, the NET232jr, was originally nicknamed by its first customer as “IP In Your Hand”.   This clever turn of phrase gave us a few chuckles, but it does point out the amazingly small size of the NET232jr.    The  NET232 “junior” enables serial devices with IP technology in the smallest package available in the world (as far as we know!).

We were able to shrink down the size of our standard NET232 by getting rid of the power regulation circuitry and the power LED.    This change requires that power be provided to the NET232jr over the serial port (coming from the serial device), and that power must be regulated at 3.3VDC or 5VDC.    This obviously means that the NET232jr is not for everyone.

The NET232jr has been primarily used thus far by OEMs who want to offer it as an add-on for their serial port devices, and who have the ability to modify the serial port of their product to put out the power required.    You might ask “if you’re going to modify your product to put out power on the serial port, why not just go ahead and add the XPort (the main component inside the NET232jr) to your product instead?”    Well, there are several reasons why you might not want to do that.  First and foremost is cost.  Maybe you expect only a limited percentage of your customers to actually need an Ethernet connection.   Why put an XPort in every product?  Why not just sell an add-on that is small, smart, cost-effective and can be customized to your specifications with ease?   This is the motivation for the NET232jr.

Another interesting use of the “junior” is when you have a serial device that must be operational at all times, and you need to “live swap” it for servicing quickly and simply.   If you use the NET232jr as the network connection, then you can leave the NET232jr attached to the network while you swap out whatever serial device is attached.  This means you do not have to reconfigure the network connection for the new device; you simply plug it in and the NET232jr “remembers” the network settings.   Thus, you do not need to call in IT personnel to replace your serial device – anyone can do it – just plug it in!

The NET232jr came into existence when a customer asked for something smaller than the NET232 (which is already one of the smallest Serial to Ethernet device servers on the market).    Grid Connect is happy to discuss your project/product needs with you and see if we can find a solution – even if you don’t see on our website.  We have on staff a team of engineers dedicated to finding solutions to your networking problems.    Maybe you need a custom design that will fit in your enclosure or cabinet.  Who knows – maybe you’ll even see an “IP in your cabinet” blog post someday!

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Ever Wanted to be a Fly on the Wall?

Sep 13, 2010 10:02:03 AM / by Rick Rockershousen posted in business, Digital Acoustics, elderly, General, Intercom, IP, IP Intercom, IP7-SE8, Products, Remote Audio Surveillance, surveillance, surveillance technology, Talkmaster Software


Small business owners, businesses with multiple retail locations/branches, and even individuals with an elderly parent living alone, can all benefit from our remote audio surveillance technology over IP!

Small business owners, who want to be able to listen in from home or other locations when trouble arises at their business, can do so using our IP Intercom/Paging Technology powered by Digital Acoustics.

Let’s say you have video surveillance of your retail franchise and want to hear when something happens. Or maybe you’d like to “yell” at troublemakers after hours that are on your car lot. Using the IP7-SE8, you can wire in a wide variety of speakers (including paging horns, ceiling speakers and wall speakers), and microphones, including very sensitive omni-directional mics, and be able to monitor and talk to your business location from any remote location with Internet access from your PC.

Using the Talkmaster Software on your PC (free with purchase of the IP7-SE8), you can communicate over the network with your business. Listen to disturbances, or simply talk to your employees and/or customers from anywhere in the world.

For multi-location businesses, you can make announcements to your employees at all locations at the same time. You can even play music and other recorded programs from your PC using the Network Music software. For locations where security is a concern, you can have a panic or help button installed by the cashier’s location, which would trigger the TalkMaster Software as an incoming call. You can then listen in and find out if any additional action needs to be taken.

For those with an elderly parent living alone, you can use a desk or surface mount intercom, which can be used to communicate in a time of need. This may be a life saving capability, allowing you to communicate with a relative who has taken a fall or is otherwise not able to answer the phone.

These flexible intercom and paging products provide extended security, surveillance, and paging applications anywhere there is an Internet connection. It’s an affordable, flexible and easy way to become a “fly on the wall.”

*Note: Use of remote audio surveillance technology is subject to local, state, and federal surveillance laws.

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