Customer Service and The Internet of Things

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Customer service could be substantially reformed due to advancements in the Internet of Things (IoT). Data collection, customer engagement and client solutions can all be improved through the advanced analytical capacity and network ubiquity of connected technology. Real-time improvements and software updates can be achieved with more fluidity to the greater satisfaction of the customer.

For more information on how client services can be upgraded with technological advancements in the IoT, visit:

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Employee Spotlight: Karen Gramit, Office Manager

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“I love working here” says Karen Gramit, “it feels like an extended family.” Karen has been the office manager here at Grid Connect for about 8 years. She handles everything from balancing the books to ordering new silverware for the lunchroom; she talks to customers, helps out with shipping and keeps the office running smoothly.

Karen met Mike Justice as her neighbor years ago, and was introduced to the Grid Connect community through him. Before that, she managed a landscaping business as well as worked at a company called Lucent.

Karen is excited to become a grandmother this fall, and likes to spend her free time playing golf and swimming in her subdivision’s pool.

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Employee Spotlight: Mary Miller, Customer Service Representative

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Because Grid Connect is such a tight-knit company, many of the employees of our company end up doing a myriad of jobs. Mary Miller is one of these people. As our customer service representative, she spends her day answering phone calls, handling grid_connect--12-2RMAs, working in shipping with Budd Justice, and periodically working as an auditor for our ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Mary started working with Grid Connect five years ago, after she heard about the company from Mike Justice’s brother, Dave. Ever since then she has been an integral part of our community. Mary is responsible for organizing many of the special events that make our office unique. She is an avid ping-pong player during the lunch hour. This is when she has time to spare, as she can often be seen helping out with a multitude of things in the office. Thankfully, Mary is not typically described as a creature of habit, “I like how the work is different all the time” Mary says, “There’s a lot of work to keep me busy, so I never get bored.”

Mary enjoys playing and beating her husband, Peter, in ping-pong (but any game will do), cooking new recipes, and being outdoors.

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Mary Miller on the Importance of Human Connection at Grid Connect

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Mary Miller, Grid Connect Mary Miller, Customer Service Lead

"Thank you for calling Grid Connect. How may I help you?" It always makes me smile when I answer the phone and someone responds, "WOW, a human voice!"

In this fast-paced, technology-driven world we live in, the human connection is still important. The sound of a human voice is reassuring and personal. I am always a little bit frustrated by automated services. A lot of times, I am not even sure which option fits my needs.

People are important to us at Grid Connect. By personally answering each call, I hope it shows our customers how important they are to us. We value their business and their time.


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